September Roundup: WE DID IT! CityDAO acquires land!

We are back with another whirlwind of updates from the world of CityDAO! Strap in and enjoy the ride 💥 🎉

Table of Contents

  1. CityDAO so far
  2. News & Updates
  3. Shoutouts & Showcases
  4. Overheard in CityDAO
  5. DAO industry news
  6. Memes to go

What is CityDAO?

The CityDAO community is made up of ambitious and HIGHLY curious people exploring and building at the frontier of technology, governance and physical land.

The vision of CityDAO is to build the city of the future on the Ethereum blockchain by tokenizing land, rights, and governance.

🔈CityDAO so far

First, let’s do a quick recap of the CityDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: July - laying the groundwork

  • July 1 - DAOs can legally be recognized as an LLC in Wyoming
  • July 2 - CityDAO starts (Scott’s infamous tweet)
  • July 7 - First community call
  • July 15 - CityDAO Discord membership crosses 1000 people
  • July 23 - CityDAO officially registered as an LLC in Wyoming
  • July 28 - CityDAO gets voted in on Mirror’s $WRITE RACE

Month 2: August - bolstering the treasury

  • August 8 - The First Citizen NFT sells for 6.52 ETH
  • August 11 - Release Founding Citizen NFTs
  • August 12 - CityDAO treasury passes $30k
  • August 20 - CityDAO treasury passes $100k
  • August 25 - Founding Citizen NFT sells for 10 ETH live in a community call
  • August 25 - CityDAO treasury passes $250k
  • August 26 - Connect w/ real estate agent in Wyoming to help with land purchase

Month 3: September - voting on land acquisition

  • September 08 - CityDAO forum is added to aid governance discussions
  • September 15 - Dev & Design team demo the parcel viewer
  • September 21 - CityDAO citizens vote on first parcel purchase
  • September 27 - Citizens vote to make offer on “Parcel 6” (40 acres)
  • September 28 - CityDAO makes an offer on real land
  • September 28 - Offer accepted, land purchase process begins

Live footage of CityDAO going from tweet to citizens voting on putting an offer on 40 acres of real Wyoming land…in 3 months 😂 :

🔈News & Updates

🗞 Annnnd our DAO has officially purchased land! 🎊

WAGMI vibes right here
WAGMI vibes right here
CityDAO flag going up on the land
CityDAO flag going up on the land

🗞 OpenSea de-listed CityDAO

What happened?

We found out the NFTs were de-listed from new members asking why they couldn’t buy a Citizen NFT. We received no notification, e-mail or information at all from OpenSea as to what happened. We sent multiple support tickets, reached out in their Discord server, and finally got some answers after utilizing our collective networks to get a hold of someone there.

Why did they de-list the NFTs?

Since land tokenization is central to our DAO and these NFTs would give access to land drops they believe the NFTs went against their terms. They explained its because OpenSea doesn't allow listing real estate. Our NFTs are not real estate but they don’t want to support anything that could be related.

OpenSea experienced controversy in September with an insider trading situation. They are likely highly risk-averse right now.

🗞 What’s next? Solution: create independent smart contract (in development)

  1. The new one will be ERC721 and 100% independent of any exchange. Minting will be done through our site.
  2. Once ready, previous NFTs can be exchanged 1:1 with the new ones at any time, and they have the same rights/value.

🗞 When will Citizen NFTs be available again?

Timeline TBD but we anticipate it being in the near-future. Please reach out if you have any questions or have experience in this space. We’ll post in #announcements once we have updates.

🗞 Parcel Viewer - here’s a glimpse of the CityDAO parcel explorer! @Greg, @Bpetes, @odyslam and @scott have been on fire with this one 🔥

A web app to view & trade CityDAO land parcels

Here’s a link to a 45 second Loom for a better view.

🗞 So… Balaji’s call-to-action sounds fun. Who’s in?

If you’re interested in making Balaji’s below call to action a reality shoot me a DM in Discord (@chance) and let’s make it happen!

🗞 Big shout-out to the GOAT 🐐 Vitalik for stopping by and showing support for the project!

My DMs after were like “was that really him?!” haha

🖼 Community Shout-outs & Showcases

Highlighting the crazy ambitious community members of CityDAO, their bias to action & the projects they are involved with.

🌆 Check out how @nicholasmartino has been experimenting with options for subdividing land. This looks so cool!

One using a regular grid and another more curved following the site contours. They are colored based on the slope of the subparcel (red is steeper and green is flatter). Indeed, it seems that's nearly impossible to build on some places, especially the southwest part. These are done parametrically, so we can dynamically change a bunch of inputs like street width, parcel size, street path, etc.

🌆 Shout-out to this vote.

Is this the first time something like this has happened? 👀

🌆 @Ethsol has been experimenting and showing the community neat ways to visualize and think about land parcels

🌆 @alexthims showcased a bias to action and created this fantastic Welcome to CityDAO doc 🎉

This is going to be a game changer for helping people get a quick download of CityDAO.

🌆 Shout-out to @odyslam for getting the CityDAO forum up and running!

Next up our goal is to find ways to improve visibility, discussion engagement, and governance process to make it easier to contribute.

🌆 Big thanks to @JAKE and @Scott for this intriguing episode on Pod of Jake!

Also, highly recommend dipping into @JAKE’s backlog. The lineup is 🤯 and there’s a fantastic focus on topics such as City-building, Longevity and crypto.

🌆 Congratulations to @marvs and the ambitious project he’s working on called Cohere Network. Looks super promising!

🌆 A glimpse of drafting collabs in the community - shout-out @Bpetes & @odyslam for jamming on this

Workshopping diagrams to help communicate how CityDAO smart contracts fit into the larger project. Still a work in progress but love seeing continuous improvement and iterations like this!

🌆 Shout-out to @yiction and @brian for proactively spearheading research on water rights, Septic options, among topics on Parcel 6!

The geologic formation where Parcel 0 is located, some bird fossils, 52-55mil years old:

🌆 @0xYeurri shared this intriguing possibility that sparked some interesting ideas in the community.

🌆 @Danielkeyes is working on the interesting challenge of Search & Discovery in web3 via the startup

Working on Search and Discovery for web3. We built -- an advanced search engine for BitClout and are now building a next generation search infrastructure for blockchains.

🌆 @jacksonofalltrades went to Wyoming and kindly shared these pics of the gorgeous state:

Wyoming is ridiculously beautiful. Spent four nights here working, hiking, and biking near Grand Teton.


📰 DAO ecosystem news

We love DAOs, you love DAOs. Why not give some updates on DAOs? 😁

🔥 HUGE news from Mirror recently:

Mirror is such a valuable project / community in the web3 ecosystem. I’m thoroughly impressed with this move and can’t wait to see how they progress!

🔥 Crypto, People & Society DAO has entered the chat

A learning DAO exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society.

This is a fresh DAO with a wicked mission. Love the energy there and I have a feeling some future All-star DAO operators will be formed in this DAO.

💰 Syndicate got $20 million in Series A funding!

Decentralized investing protocol + social network ✺ Launching (Alpha Phase) ✺

🔥 Founding citizens @nicovalencia & @Katy are working on something special with IndieDAO. Highly recommend checking this DAO out!

We are building the best freelance network in the world, so that Indies can live their dream, without all the hassle.

🔥 Shout-out @Nisreen on the launch of Sherlock!

Decentralized exploit protection

🔥 KrauseHouse DAO 🏀 is in the building!

Community of hoops fanatics that are crazy enough to purchase and operate an NBA team as a DAO

🔥 build__ DAO is a global co-working DAO. Definitely recommend check it out!

build_ is a community first, real estate second approach to coworking that brings together members with a vested interest in the cites that they live, work, and play in.

🔥 Congratulations CreatorCabins on the recent Seed Club acceptance!

A community of cabins for web3 | workers a DAO retreat & residency program | an experiment in decentralized cities

🎤 Overheard in CityDAO

Random lines taken out of context from the CityDAO community!

we are doing ethnographies of crypto communities on a grant from the Ethereum Foundation.

Very excited about physical-world governance experiments in general and hope that great things can come out of citydao!

Born and raised in Wyoming, AMA.

Great to have you here Vitalik, especially as we start talking mechanism design for land use, governance, and taxation.

I'm an urban planner currently working for an affordable housing real estate developer based in California. Before moving out here I worked in city government as an urban planner and spent lots of time writing zoning ordinances and working with developers to help them navigate our development process.

I've a background in architecture, urban design and GIS. Now I've been developing computer programming skills for automating the urban design process.

you put in an airport or helipad for Yellowstone and you're golden

Land update: we put in an offer of 95k on Parcel 6! More updates will come for Citizens shortly as negotiations proceed

their top execs are aware of it and should get back to us soon. Regardless, we are in parallel working on our own, independent way to buy and trade the citizen nfts.

feels like a historic moment, reading it now!

How do i get citizenship?

Quit my AI day job to play full time in the Metaverse

I’m based in NYC and spend most of my time thinking about the intersection of web3 x real assets. I’m also a governance geek interested in incentive networks that align community stakeholders and more equitably distribute value.

This is awesome. You guys have obviously been kicking ass. I've not been checking in and here you got your land already!

I am experienced in Computer Vision and have recently been using Drones for mapping and training CV models to detect objects from the air.

I cannot wait for property and realspace assets are on the blockchain.

have heard quite a lot of people discussing citydao lately and wanted to hop in and say hello

just to discuss, casually, perhaps over dinner and not during official hours, about possibly changes in the land registration process

Hey all, I haven't been around for a couple months, but I wanted to say I'm blown away with all the progress that's been made!

I've been doing some research into water rights in Wyoming. Here's a summary of the laws in a government memo, but it's from 2001 (and it looks like the source document could be even older)

This is one of the most interesting projects I've ever seen in crypto, not just in NFT. I'm waiting for the bar results right now, but if all goes well i'll be a cryptolawyer soon!

buying one parcel as a DAO is our first step, and allowing members to own a piece of that parcel. the city aspect comes as more people start building on the land and we deal with questions like what is allowed to be built and funding public goods.

The land is in Wyoming. It's very rural - 40 minutes north west of Cody, Wyoming

out of curiosity, are they referring to this CityDAO or maybe they're just referring to CityDAOs in a general sense?

Community Call happening now - we will go over the land parcels and DAO citizens will share the reasons they like or dislike each parcel. Will be a fun time, see ya soon!

Former commercial real estate finance underwriting pro (mostly CMBS type stuff, some CDOs) based in Brooklyn.

useless observation -- "Kirschbaum" (current owner?) means "Cherry Tree"

I'd also say there's another layer of deeper questions being asked here beyond just streamlining ownership and revenue generation

Hey all, love what you’re doing. Awesome to see the beginnings of on chain land ownership.

I am a commercial property developer from South Africa.

Interesting documents on Well water quality and Disclosures from the broker today on Parcel 6

Excited to give what I can to this community and hopefully build the future of cities with you all!

I'm a software engineer, working on building 5G networks. Outside of that, I host The Urban Loop podcast where I talk to technologists and city leaders about building the Smart Cities of the future

Last chance to vote on the land parcel!

they gave us no explanation, but it was shortly after i requested verification for the collection. i think its because our project is tokenizing real assets

What's good citiziens of citydao, my friend just turned me on to this. Just came back from Wyoming on a massive 4,500 mile roadtrip

🐦 Some recent tweets we love

☕️ Resources shared in CityDAO

🎨 Meme to go

H/T to @Greg for this spicy meme 🌶

H/T to @Justin Kalland

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