CityDAO August community roundup: next step, a DAO buys some land!
Chance Taken
August 30th, 2021

What a wild last few weeks! Grab a hot beverage of your choice and check out what has been up in the CityDAO-land community. 🌆

Table of Contents

  1. News & Updates
  2. Shoutouts & Showcases
  3. Tweets we love
  4. Overheard in CityDAO
  5. Resources shared
  6. Memes to go

What is CityDAO?

The vision of CityDAO is to build the city of the future on the Ethereum blockchain by tokenizing land, rights, and governance.

See the landing page below for more information.

🔈News & Updates

First, let’s do a quick recap of the CityDAO adventure so far:

Month 1: July - laying the groundwork

  • July 1 - DAOs can legally be recognized as an LLC in Wyoming
  • July 2 - CityDAO starts (Scott’s infamous tweet)
  • July 7 - First community call
  • July 15 - CityDAO Discord membership crosses 1000 people
  • July 23 - CityDAO officially registered as an LLC in Wyoming
    • (huge shout-out to SyndicateDAO)
  • July 28 - CityDAO gets voted in on Mirror’s $WRITE RACE

Month 2: August - bolstering the treasury

  • August 8 - The First Citizen NFT sells for 6.52 ETH
  • August 11 - Release Founding Citizen NFTs
  • August 12 - CityDAO treasury passes $30k
  • August 20 - CityDAO treasury passes $100k
  • August 25 - Founding Citizen NFT sells for 10 ETH (live in a community call)
  • August 25 - CityDAO treasury passes $250k
  • August 26 - Connect w/ real estate agent in Wyoming to help with land purchase

To think, in less than 2 months CityDAO has gone from hundreds of strangers coming together from a tweet to registering one of the first LLC DAOs in the USA to forming various teams to the community raising enough capital to purchase actual land! 🤯

What’s next? 😁

  • Due diligence on putting land on chain
  • Research land parcels
  • Dev team cooking up something exciting! (solidity parcel minting app)
  • Collaborate on Whitepaper draft
  • Sub-parcel the land, navigate the frontier legal puzzles
  • Provide CityDAO NFT holders early access to acquiring land on chain

For anyone who wants to grab a Citizen NFT, feel free to do so below:

Also, here’s a breakdown on the different NFTs:

🖼 Shout-outs & showcases

Highlighting the crazy ambitious people & their projects within the CityDAO community

Checkout this article by @JustinKalland on why he chose to become the first citizen of CityDAO:

This next one makes me want to jump on a plane and move back to Seoul, South Korea. Check out nonce by @nn, a crypto-hacker-house-turned-hacker-village.

nonce in Seoul
nonce in Seoul

Massive shout-out to the landing page team who put together the refreshed CityDAO landing page a few weeks ago:

@bpetes, @gregG, @casey, @scottfits 🔥

Also, here’s a sneak peak (early design work) on the parcel viewer the dev team (@odyslam, @gregG, @uwecerron, @scottfits) is working on 😁:

This is going to be so cool!
This is going to be so cool!

@r.lamis participated in an awesome panel called DAOs: Disrupting with Code:

Check out this Case Study on a project @Phil Levin was involved in called Radish (a cohousing community with 13 owners):

Shout-out to this lovely message in the #IRL channel!

Creator Cabins just announced applications are open for cohort 3!! Check it out & apply below:

BIG shout-out to everyone who has contributed to the land parcel research! 🌆 @Sid @Bernat @dfmerin @gregG @scottfits

Congratulations to @lyons800 & the BaconDAO community on the launch of the $BACON token!!

Build___ is hosting AMAs with people related to DAOS (humbled that CityDAO was included 🙏 ). Here’s the dates & lineup below if you’re interested in joining any:

Some recent tweets we love:

🎤 Overheard in CityDAO

Random lines taken out of context from the CityDAO community!

During the weekend my DAOist alter ego takes over.

Real estate colliding with NFTs is beautiful

glad to be here exciting times ahead!

DAOs powered by blockchains are going to do to governance what synthesizers and sampling did to music... Entire new genres born from mashups of mashups.

i co-founded a startup that finances solar-powered drip irrigation in Africa and can confirm labor intensity (even with productivity-enhancing tech like drip irrigation). personally wouldn’t look at investing in traditional agri without robotics or hydro/aeroponics. too much opex chasing too little margin that only makes sense at massive scale

are we buying next to kanye?

Centuries ago, explorers sailed the seas to discover lands unknown. In the 2020s, earth's continents have been charted, but a new frontier exists - the missing connection between land and a digital ledger. That's why we are building CityDAO.

I subdivided land in Hawaii. It gets complex. You have to not only collect fees for maintenance but handle disputes. For example one person may just drive a small car on the road, but a neighbor farm has big heavy dump trucks (commercial) causing significantly more wear.

I'm a Gitcoin Kernel fellow and VC

Cities are made up of a ton of people, each doing their own thing to make it function, somewhat autonomous, can create their own laws, regulation, strategies, and organized under a single banner of identity with defined limits, I mean it ain’t perfect...

We need more CityDAO IRL meetups.

“private keys to the city”

all funds will go to buying our first parcel and shipping the web3 and solidity parcel minting app

The 791 voting system is a cool concept but it doesn’t solve the issue of fake identities, it simply just makes it harder

pretty cool, I think NFTs are just getting started and will probably get used for land as well

So far the path has been subdividing. People will buy (choose) an actual parcel. My understanding of other methods (shares) is more effort needs to be done with securities laws. Lots of approaches have been discussed in the other channels

Honestly might be better off building hydroponics and automating crop production. Full disclosure I’m the founder of a startup that’s 3D printing vertical towers, so I am biased towards an option like that. You can grow them pretty much anywhere, although energy costs vary based on location.

the weekend is for DAO exploration eh?

So many ideas! It’s just about building up to them, and not going bankrupt trying to do one at the start.

May be far in ideology but solving the Byzantine General's problem, alongside reading the Ottoman Empire book could yield something connected to DAOs

Ready for DAOCon summer 2022

Didn't imagine folks to know about Seoul but yeah, Heabanchon is the place obviously. Definitely should contact me whenever you visit Seoul

Starting to think local DAO concierge service might actually be an interesting play for City DAO business model

☕️ Resources shared in CityDAO

☕️ Shout-out to @jasminew and @scottfits for sharing this super inspiring project:

☕️ I know I know I know I’m biased, but @0xYeurri & @Iamjason shared this article in CityDAO and it’s a great read! If you haven’t already, definitely check out (a project Balaji & others are working on).

🎨 Meme to go


That's all for this roundup!

See y'all next time,

-- Chance Taken

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