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Congratulations to the winners of CityDAO’s bounty “Write a blog that answers: What does CityDAO mean to you?

Below are the entries that were selected:

CityDAO: Zoomed-In & Zoomed-out

by @yiction

Whenever I think about something interesting, I find it helpful to zoom in, then zoom back out. I work in foresight, and this is honestly the biggest takeaway I’ve learned from my time in the industry. Zoom in, then zoom back out. That’s all you need to do to evaluate. Everything else is frills.

I consider CityDAO to be something interesting. Ever since an influential friend turned me on to crypto in 2020, I’ve been looking for projects that go beyond just the finance side of it. The finance side is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t interest me. What interests me is tangible real-world applications of crypto governance.

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A City Where People Can Be Free

By @kyleschutter.eth

Blockchain is not a miracle cure-all for any social illness, to be sure, but it enables new possibilities. Namely, alignment of interests and low-overhead voting. New tools enable new social configurations. What will they be? We don’t know. And the only way to find out is to try.

We all know how we’d want a society to be: Free, fair and safe. Even though those ideals can be at odds with each other, increasingly over the centuries governance has improved on all three fronts. This is because of innovations like writing for record-keeping, the printing press for distribution, and even nuclear weapons which ironically made all-out war between superpowers untenable, etc. Blockchain is the next technology to build a world that is simultaneously more free, fair and safe.

To be clear, this is still an experiment. When I bought my CityDAO NFT I hemmed and hawed for at least 24 hours, I’ll admit that. Maybe people were just buying CityDAO to make a quick buck, I thought. But then I thought, what if this does work? I’d never forgive myself if I missed this.

“If not now, then when? If not me, then who?”

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Why are we here?

by @eltito.eth

"La libertad es un deseo de quién no la posee"

Afortunadamente nos encontramos, nos une la cryptografía, la cuál nos otroga la el poder de gobernarnos de una manera más justa. “Because in the code we trust”, creemos en la justicia imparcial que el mismo nos otorga. Nos permite reorganizarnos como individuos en busca de su libertad perdida. Nos permite volver a formar parte de nuestra idea primigenia de libertad. Sin censuras ni moralidad, en un nuevo espacio.

Este espacio se llama CityDAO, un espacio dónde implantar nuevas reglas de juego acordes a nuestras creencias. Un lugar al que poder bautizar como la madre de la nueva civilización. Un lugar al que podamos lllamar orgullosos NUESTRO HOGAR!

Ciudadanos yo os llamo! Por el futuro, por un nuevo comienzo. Por eso estamos aquí!

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CityDAO - WAGMI, for real.

by @Marcus

I’ve been captivated by the promises of blockchain technology to create more transparent and equitable economies - particularly across global societies that, like Guatemala, are plagued with incessant inequality. I’ve been especially drawn towards figuring out how web3 can usher in new ways of disrupting land ownership to ultimately address and overcome land inequality at a global scale.

Enter CityDAO… Back in July, I came across what was then, a small but committed group of internet strangers who were driven by leveraging the power of DAO’s to figure out how we could all work together to bring land rights and governance to the cutting edge of innovations in the web3 space. Led by conviction and the belief that CityDAO was at the helm of a truly exciting development, the team has since been tirelessly at work to bring this brilliant project to light.

Fast forward 5 months, and it’s incredible to see the exponential growth CityDAO has gone through. Selling 10,000 NFT’s, the purchase of Parcel 0, raising over 1,800 ETH, Vitalik’s shoutout, rockstar crypto folks joining the community, among so many other achievements - I am confident that CityDAO is heading towards not just tokenizing land; but rather, towards creating fairer, more sustainable, and transparent places for us to live and create.

CityDAO’s journey towards making real assets governable, accessible, and interoperable through the power of blockchain technology has the opportunity to radically shift the way we interact with the concept of ownership. Coming from a country where asset ownership is highly stratified, I am incredibly excited by CityDAO’s efforts towards creating much fairer financial systems.

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CityDAO: Value in Your Hometown

by Ghost Eater

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, where am I going with this? What does this have to do with CityDAO? Well, imagine if the residents of these marginalized communities had an incentive that made them want to care about their city? Imagine if when they walked out of their door in the morning, they didn't see a battlefield. Imagine that they actually felt at home on the streets; that they had neighbors who would do right by them, and police who would treat them like first-class citizens. Imagine if there were corporations that worked for the benefit of the community. Imagine if they saw *value*.

I think that's a huge problem with the world today. People do not walk out their front door to a world that they’re proud of. They see violence, disparity, and hopelessness. All of this and much more are the bricks that form an insurmountable monolith to the shattered American Dream. It's because they have no say. Now more than ever, I think people of all races and walks of life are seeing that our voices are not being heard.

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