CityDAO State of the City - Mid 2022 check in

CityDAO started as an experiment to buy a small piece of land in Wyoming, becoming one of the first DAOs to buy land using the new Wyoming DAO LLC law. Now, DAO contributors have been proposing all kinds of interesting projects and we’ve been honing in on what’s next, which is what I call the Network City Roadmap.

A Network City means a network of non-contiguous land, which CityDAO will govern with our own set of rules that apply in that territory (think our own governance, mechanism design like Partial Common Ownership, and NFT land ownership standards etc). This means that over the next year, we’ll aspire to have many more acres of land under management, and hopefully have citizens or even other organizations using the land for recreation, vacations, building houses, art, or things we haven’t thought of yet. There’s also an opportunity to become the first DAO to own a house, buy a billboard, and innovate at the intersection of blockchain and real estate, for example with NFT leases and Radical Markets mechanisms.

What’s Happening

CIP-102: Acquiring our 2nd piece of land

With CIP-102, we allocated $10k to acquire our 2nd piece of land. It will be a small piece of land, which is why we are calling it Baby Parcel. It will be used to test run a new NFT Lease primitive - the first lease agreement to be represented as an NFT.

CIP-100: Building a network city with art and Radical Markets mechanisms

$1m has been allocated to buying land, setting up an art installation attraction, and using Radical Markets mechanisms like Partial Common Ownership and Harberger Taxes to govern property rights on the land. In this prototype city, we aspire to put the primitives like land, taxes, and voting on chain. While it will not be an actual incorporated city for now, land owned by the DAO can be governed by a special set of rules using interesting mechanisms like covenants and NFT lease agreements, which can serve as synthetic ownership. The goal is to enable Citizens to buy parcels and build on them.

CIP-111, CIP-66 - A CityDAO IRL Space

The DAO has expressed interest in the acquisition of a space where Citizens can gather for retreats and host events. This may be accomplished by CIP-111 (IRL Citizen coworknig proposal) or CIP-66 (Big Parcel proposal), or another proposal by a Citizen that gets the necessary votes. The race is on.

Other efforts

Education - The DAO continues to its efforts to host conferences, bring in speakers, and hold regular education guild calls.

Wyoming outreach - The DAO has been building relationships with Wyoming officials to learn about getting special zoning and land use privileges.

Grants - The grants guild has been funding projects that align with CityDAO’s mission.

Charter v2 - An effort to revise the CityDAO Charter based on our first year of learning and putting it into practice.

Future Projects and Contribution Opportunities

Blockchain Billboard: CIP-101 has allocated up to $200k to be used to purchase a billboard, but the project needs someone to take lead. If you are interested in spearheading this project, post in the Discord and get in touch with benmvic or scottfits.

Parcel 0 and Baby Parcel Build Bounty: CityDAO will soon own 2 vacant pieces of land. We are looking for contributors to propose and execute on doing interesting things with the land. Some ideas that have been floated so far include building statues, monuments, houses, public parks, or playgrounds.

CityDAO land partnerships: Partnering with other DAOs and on-chain organizations to provide them property leases and ownership via NFTs. For example, a collab with NounsDAO, Uniswap,, or KrauseHause where CityDAO is the wrapper that enables them to own property on-chain.


Join the CityDAO Discord at and post in #general to express interest in contributing. As a DAO, this roadmap is highly flexible and subject to what contributors are able and interested in doing. If you have other ideas that are relevant to how to build the on-chain city of the future, get involved and propose something!

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