Last chance to become a founding citizen of CityDAO

Centuries ago, explorers sailed the seas to discover lands unknown. In the 2020s, earth's continents have been charted, but a new frontier exists - the missing connection between land and a digital ledger. That's why we are building CityDAO.

Become a founding citizen
Last week, @JustinKalland won the auction to be the very first citizen of CityDAO. We are releasing citizen NFTs to more of our early backers, starting with exclusive editions for Founding Citizens. This NFT memorializes the CityDAO Articles of Incorporation as one of the first DAO LLCs in history, showcasing the Articles overlaid on the state of Wyoming and its 23 counties.

Holders of a CityDAO Founding Citizen NFT get:
• Governance and voting rights
• Access to the #citizens channel in discord
• Pre-sale access to the upcoming land NFT release

Founding Citizen NFT auction

Update: Due to high demand, we are auctioning off the last 3 founding citizen NFTs below. To make it more fun, note the different auction end dates. Good luck!

-- last week's sale --

Founding citizen NFTs are capped at 50.

  • First 15 - 0.4 ETH
  • Second 15 - 0.6 ETH
  • Next 10 - Auction
  • Last 10 - Held in DAO treasury for special partnerships
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